Have you checked your compressor recently?


A compressor forms a vital part of many industrial systems. If you have an air compressor on your site, you must ensure that it is running efficiently and is not likely to fail, bringing down other machinery and causing work to grind to a halt. Does your compressor need attention? Contacting a company that specialises in compressor system overhauls is the best way to have your compressor checked, but there are a few signs that you can look for to see if it could be time to overhaul your compressor.

31 August 2021

Hydraulic Hoses: Four Fundamental Tips for Preparing for Repairs


The failure of your hydraulic hoses will compromise the function and performance of your commercial equipment. Therefore, if you notice a leak or other form of damage in your hosing, plan for immediate repairs. Keep in mind that overlooked hose issues will escalate over time, and their decline could affect the longevity of your machinery. Moreover, the reduced productivity due to malfunctioning hydraulic systems is usually significant. If you are unfamiliar with hose repairs, here are basic tips for preparing for the work.

26 May 2021

Why Your Industrial Business Needs to Adhere to an Electrical Maintenance Schedule


When it comes to industrial equipment maintenance, you likely think that as long as your machinery is running as it is supposed to then you can postpone its maintenance until an issue eventually crops up. But this is the wrong approach. When you get your industrial equipment set up, there is a reason why the technicians will recommend a maintenance schedule. Failure to sticking to this schedule can lead to major problems including electrocutions, electrical fires and more!

15 March 2021

Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Air Conditioning


Air conditioning is an essential part of running a business, yet many commercial premises don't get the most out of their system. Poorly optimised commercial air conditioning performs poorly in terms of regulating the air temperature for staff, impacting productivity as staff suffer extremes of heat and cold. Incorrectly adjusted air conditioning also increases maintenance costs, wastes money on utilities bills and negatively impacts the environment. Yet it doesn't have to be this way.

9 March 2018

Why Many Building Owners Are Using PVC Piping Instead of Copper Piping


Traditionally, copper pipes have been the go-to products for piping applications. But today, the use of PVC pipes as an alternative to copper pipes has become increasingly common thanks to the many important benefits that the plastics can offer. If you are considering installing a new piping system in a building, here's why you should go the PVC way. PVC pipes are unaffected by corrosion. Copper has been the metal material of choice for plumbing and other piping systems because it offers superior corrosion-resistance compared to other types of metal like cast-iron and steel.

27 June 2017

Questions to Ask When Arranging a Crane Hire for Your Jobsite


When arranging a crane hire for your jobsite, the company renting the crane will no doubt go through their own list of questions in order to ensure they rent you the right crane and that it can be properly delivered to your location. However, it's good to consider a few questions of your own so that nothing is overlooked and you know what's involved in the rental and don't face any surprise fees or setbacks.

16 August 2016

Costs Involved in Hiring a Scaffold


Hiring a piece of equipment can often be attractive for its lower cost, especially if you do not have time to select and buy a scaffold for an urgent project. What are the costs involved in scaffolding hire? Hiring Costs Obviously, there is a fee for the hiring of the scaffold. This fee can range depending on the length of time you wish to hire the scaffold and the size of the scaffold.

15 August 2016