Why You Need Vibrating Tables in Your Packaging Department


If your company handles its own packaging, then you might be looking for equipment that you can use to improve your packaging department. After all, you probably understand how important it is to package and ship your products properly. You might have thought about different types of packing, wrapping and labeling equipment, but you might not have purchased a vibrating table yet. However, vibrating tables — which aid in compacting items when you're putting them in packages — can be very useful in your packaging department for these reasons and more.

Improve Shipping 

If you package and ship loose items, you should know that compacting these items in their packaging is a good way to improve shipping. When items are properly compacted, then they can be put in smaller packages. This is a good way to improve shipping for a few reasons. For example, smaller boxes and packages are usually cheaper than bigger boxes and packages. Additionally, you can fit more packages on your truck and trailer if they are smaller in size, which means you can ship out more items at one time. This speeds up shipping and helps reduce fuel costs and other shipping costs.

Avoid Compacting By Hand

You might already know that compacting your items before shipping them is a good way to improve shipping, but you and your employees might currently do it by hand. This can be quite time-consuming, but you can get the job done more quickly and efficiently if you use a vibrating table. After all, a vibrating table will allow you to compact the material in multiple packages at one time, and the employees who work in your packaging department can focus on getting other things done.

Do a More Effective Job of Compacting

If you have already decided that you want to compact the items in your packages — such as for some of the reasons listed above — then you probably want to make sure that compacting is done effectively. If you and your employees try to do it by hand, you probably won't be as effective as you would be if you were to use vibrating tables. However, the right vibrating tables are actually very effective at compacting.

As you can see, if your packaging department doesn't have at least one vibrating table, then you should think about investing in one so you can improve your packaging department as much as possible.

For more information on vibrating tables, contact a company near you.


21 January 2022

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