Four Ways An Air Cannon Can Help With Cement Manufacturing


Cement manufacturing is all about moving materials around — from the raw ingredients to the finished product. This can be done by hand or with tools like an air cannon. Here are four specific ways that an air cannon can help with cement manufacturing.

1. Air Cannons Help Move Cement Over Long Distances

Cement is heavy and difficult to move around, especially when you need to transport it from one place to another on a large scale. An air cannon makes it easier to transport the cement from one place to another by using compressed air to move the cement through pipes and tubes. This helps reduce the amount of time needed to move cement around and also reduces the risk of injury due to lifting heavy bags or barrels of cement across long distances.

2. An Air Cannon Can Help With Mixing Concrete

Air cannons can be used to provide the necessary force to properly mix concrete before it is poured into a mould. The air cannon will blow the cement powder into the water, which will cause it to become airborne and then fall back down into the mould where it will combine with water and form concrete. This process ensures that all of the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout each batch of concrete so that every piece is uniform in appearance, strength, and durability.

3. An Air Cannon Makes It Easier To Add Water

Using an air cannon can make adding water much easier than using a large mixing drum because it will allow you to introduce water quickly and evenly. This helps ensure that all parts of your batch get treated equally and that no one part of the concrete is more saturated than another. The air cannon can also help you get rid of bubbles that form when water is added to concrete; these bubbles are known as voids and cause weak spots in your finished product.

4. It Makes It Easier To Add Aggregate

Cement is made by mixing limestone and clay with water, but the process is tricky because you must ensure that the mix does not become too wet. If it does, then the mix will not set properly and harden into concrete. This is where an air cannon comes in handy. It allows you to add aggregates, such as sand or gravel, at the perfect time during the process. This makes it easier for you to get the right consistency in your cement mixture so that it will set properly when poured into formwork.

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12 January 2023

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