Have you checked your compressor recently?


A compressor forms a vital part of many industrial systems. If you have an air compressor on your site, you must ensure that it is running efficiently and is not likely to fail, bringing down other machinery and causing work to grind to a halt.

Does your compressor need attention?

Contacting a company that specialises in compressor system overhauls is the best way to have your compressor checked, but there are a few signs that you can look for to see if it could be time to overhaul your compressor. You should already be conducting routine fluid checks and examining oil samples to see if there is anything that could cause concern. If you notice that the oil is starting to be contaminated by metal fragments, that could indicate that parts of the compressor are becoming worn. If there is excessive bearing vibration, a compressor failure could be imminent. If the internal temperature of the compressor has started to increase, it could indicate that the cooler is failing. If you notice any of these things or if there are other reasons for concern, find a company that offers compressor system overhauls.

Do you need a rebuild or a remanufacture?

In most cases, an air compressor rebuild should be sufficient. A company that carries out compressor system overhauls can strip down the compressor on your site and rebuild it in the location where it is already installed. Often, a rebuild will use third-party parts to rebuild the air compressor. If you prefer to arrange for a remanufacture, the air compressor will be taken away and overhauled by the original manufacture using the official drawings. A remanufacture could also involve the fitting of the bearings, seals, gaskets and other parts that have started to become worn.

How are compressor system overhauls priced?

Take a moment to speak to any overhaul company you use and ensure that you fully understand their pricing structure. Often, you will find that the initially quoted overhaul price will include the standard services and any basic parts that normally need to be replaced. What frequently happens is that as the compressor is stripped down, more worn parts are discovered, and the parts and labour costs increase each time something must be replaced. Ask your overhaul company if they can offer a fixed price guarantee or if they can more accurately estimate the cost before overhaul work on the compressor begins.

To learn more, contact a company that does compressor overhauls.


31 August 2021

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