Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Air Conditioning


Air conditioning is an essential part of running a business, yet many commercial premises don't get the most out of their system. Poorly optimised commercial air conditioning performs poorly in terms of regulating the air temperature for staff, impacting productivity as staff suffer extremes of heat and cold. Incorrectly adjusted air conditioning also increases maintenance costs, wastes money on utilities bills and negatively impacts the environment.

Yet it doesn't have to be this way. With a little time and attention, you can get the most out of your commercial air conditioning system. Here's how:

Adjust your temperature settings

How warm or cool do your staff really need to be? Needlessly warm air conditioning in winter, and a freezing chill in summer will not only make your staff uncomfortable, but it will also rack up those utility bills and harm workforce productivity through discomfort on the job and the health impacts of extreme temperatures. The perfect temperature for commercial facilities is about 24° Celsius, providing a balance between workplace health, staff comfort and cost.

You can avoid turf wars over the temperature of the room and unwarranted adjustments to the settings by simply removing controls to a centralised location, rather than leaving them in the hands of staff.

Look at your zones

Many commercial air conditioners are left blasting treated air into rooms that are seldom used, day after day after day. This is highly ineffective in terms of your running costs and can be quickly solved by adjusting the zones your air conditioning system is set to treat.

Examine your schedules

What time do your staff arrive each day, and when is it time to go home? Does your schedule vary over weekends, and on public holidays? Many commercial premises needlessly waste energy through air conditioning schedules that are misaligned with the actual movements of their staff. A simple check of the rosters or an email poll of staff will reveal exactly when your air conditioning is needed.

Align your system with the seasons

Australia is known worldwide for its extremes of temperature. If your system is running chillers throughout winter and boilers during the summer months, you're wasting precious resources. Shutting down system components when they are not needed is a simple adjustment that will save you plenty.

So take a few minutes to take stock of the way your commercial air conditioning is managed. You'll not only be making your bottom line happier, but you'll be doing the planet a favour as well. Contact a company like MTA Australasia for additional advice.


9 March 2018

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