Why Many Building Owners Are Using PVC Piping Instead of Copper Piping


Traditionally, copper pipes have been the go-to products for piping applications. But today, the use of PVC pipes as an alternative to copper pipes has become increasingly common thanks to the many important benefits that the plastics can offer. If you are considering installing a new piping system in a building, here's why you should go the PVC way.

PVC pipes are unaffected by corrosion.

Copper has been the metal material of choice for plumbing and other piping systems because it offers superior corrosion-resistance compared to other types of metal like cast-iron and steel. But copper pipes also get eaten away and develop pinhole leaks over time due to a process known as internal pitting corrosion, which often occurs because of water chemistry issues. 

With that said, perhaps the biggest advantage that PVC pipes bring to the table is their ability to resist corrosion. Being a non-metal, PVC will not react in the presence of water and oxygen, thus it will not rust at all.

PVC pipes are cheaper and easier to install.

The introduction of PVC pipes into the construction market has been embraced by many building owners because of its low-cost advantage. PVC pipes cost only a small fraction of the price of comparable copper pipes, meaning that consumers can save money when they are installing piping systems in their buildings. Furthermore, PVC pipes are lighter than copper pipes, making the installation work much easier.

PVC pipes are reliable, high-performance products.

Do not let the lower price tag fool you—PVC pipes are built to last. These pipes offer excellent abrasion and wear resistance and minimise friction levels. In addition to that, they perform well under extreme temperatures, as required for any fluid conveyance system. Hence, what you will get is system reliability for only a fraction of the cost you would incur when using copper piping. System reliability is imperative for optimising the lifecycle cost of a piping installation, but also for minimising use of resources on maintenance, repairs and replacements.

PVC pipes are more easily customisable.

Thanks to the flexibility of engineering plastic technology, plastic fabricators can quickly and cost-effectively supply building owners with a wider a range of piping products for the building constructions. With modern plastic technology, it is easier to create prototypes that can be used to machine almost any type of pipe. Hence, you can easily get customised products for your intended piping application. Copper pipes may be too expensive to customise, thus you may be forced to choose from what's available on the market.

Clearly, there are good reasons as to why many building owners are choosing PVC pipes over copper pipes. If you need to know more about PVC pipes, contact a trusted supplier near you.


27 June 2017

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