Questions to Ask When Arranging a Crane Hire for Your Jobsite


When arranging a crane hire for your jobsite, the company renting the crane will no doubt go through their own list of questions in order to ensure they rent you the right crane and that it can be properly delivered to your location. However, it's good to consider a few questions of your own so that nothing is overlooked and you know what's involved in the rental and don't face any surprise fees or setbacks.

Ask how the weather might affect the hire

Many cranes can still operate in certain windy conditions or in rain and even snow; there may be some limits to this, however, and those limits may be affected by the height at which the crane will be lifting. The taller the building, the more windy it may be, and if there are storms coming in during your scheduled job, this can make it dangerous for the crane to operate. Additionally, some crane operators may be entitled to added compensation if they work in inclement weather or during days of high heat. Ask about these conditions so you know if you'll face any added fees or will need to reschedule your work based on the weather.

Ask what they consider enclosed spaces or tight access

Unless the crane will be operating in a completely open area, you want to ask about enclosed spaces or tight access. What you think is an open space may not be what the crane hire company considers to be open, depending on the room available for maneuvering, clearance overhead, and the like. Be sure you understand their criteria for these spaces so you can choose a different crane as needed or are prepared for added fees for such spaces.

Ask about traffic direction and management

You may be required to direct and control traffic around a jobsite in the city, and if your crane hire company can manage this for you, this means one less hassle to consider for working with the crane. It can also ensure that traffic management is done properly according to the type of crane you are getting, its size, the amount of clearance it needs for safe operation, and the like. Many crane hire companies who rent out large cranes will be able to provide personnel as well as cones and other such accessories for proper traffic direction and management, so don't hesitate to ask about this when renting your crane.


16 August 2016

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