Ways to Keep Your Workshop Cool


If you have a workshop for woodworking, art and other projects, it probably heats up quickly. Workshops tend to have less insulation than a house does, which means it gets hotter and is harder to keep cool. Here are some tips for keeping your workshop cool.

Use an Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fan

If you can have both an HVAC unit and a ceiling fan installed in your workshop, that is definitely ideal. Using both together means you won't have to use your air conditioner quite as much, but you can still keep it nice and cool in the workshop. The ceiling fan is going to help blow the air around, but it won't be effective when used alone. The trick is to use the fan to disperse colder air from the A/C. This allows for a comfortable workshop that doesn't hike up your energy bills.

Have large Trees and Shrubs Around the Workshop

Another great way to keep the workshop cool, even during the hot summer months, is to have as much shade as possible around the building. You can do this by placing tall trees, bushes, and shrubs all around the shop. This not only creates a green oasis in the area, but it provides some natural shade. The more trees and greenery that is surrounding the building, the less exposure your workshop will get from the sun's UV rays.

Use Reflective Paint

Paint the exterior and roof of the workshop building with reflective paint. This is a special type of paint that helps to reflect the sun's UV rays. While it won't keep the heat out completely, it definitely helps to reduce the temperature of the building. This can help you feel more comfortable while inside the workshop and use your air conditioner a little less often.

Know How to Use Windows to Your Advantage

If your workshop has windows, you can use them to your advantage and keep the inside of the building as cool as possible. The trick here is to open them when it is cool, but close them before it starts getting too warm. If you take too long closing the windows, you let heat in, which is hard to get rid of without turning on your air conditioner. Try to remember to open up the windows when the sun goes down, leave them open all night, then close them in the morning before the sun comes up for the day.


9 August 2016

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