Features to Consider When Choosing an Air Cannon to Clean Your Grain Elevator


If you use a grain elevator, you don't want grain to get stuck in it. The stuck grain could get old and moldy or mix in with new grains, adulterating the purity of your supply. Luckily, air cannons can be incredibly useful in cleaning silos. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing air cannons to clean an elevator or a silo.

1. One or multiple valves

When choosing an air cannon for your silo, you are likely to notice cannons with one valve as well as cannons with more than one valve. A single valve works fine for basic applications such as training the air cannon toward a bit of grain that is blocking the flow of grain through the elevator and using the air to unlodge the stuck bits. However, with multiple valves, you can direct the air toward multiple issues in the elevator at the same time.

2. Flex hoses or steel pipes

In addition to thinking about how many valves you need, you should also consider whether or not you want an air cannon with flexible hoses or steel pipes. If you opt for an air cannon that doesn't have those elements, you will need to mount it high on the walls of your elevator directed toward the area where you think the air will be needed the most.

However, if you opt for a cannon that incorporates flex hoses or steel pipes into its design, you can essentially place the cannon wherever is easiest for you. Then, you can direct the hoses or pipes where you want the air to go, and you can mount them accordingly so that they are held in place.

3. Timer or not

How do you plan to initiate your air cannons? If you don't want to have to manually turn them on and off as needed, you may want to put them on a timer. A timer gives you the ability to schedule regular blasts of air through your elevator to reduce blockages, remove grain stuck to the walls or deal with other issues.

4. Spun steel or cast iron

Additionally, take into consideration the material of your air cannon. In the past, many cannons were made from cast iron, but this isn't the most sterile metal, and you may want to opt for stainless steel or spun steel instead. This prevents rust from getting into your grain.

Want more tips on choosing the perfect air cannon to clean your elevator? Contact an industrial air cannon supplier.


5 August 2016

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