Your Hydraulic Cylinder Has Contaminated Fluid


You know you need to complete hydraulic cylinder repair because it has not been functioning properly, but you don't know what the problem is. Contaminated fluid in a hydraulic cylinder is a common problem and is not difficult to fix. However, before you diagnose it, look at the symptoms to make sure you are performing the correct hydraulic cylinder repair services.


Contamination can cause the seal between your rods to be damaged and unable to complete its purpose in the hydraulic cylinder. Contamination can cause abrasion on the surface of the piston rod or on the seal. Water can be a liquid contaminant that causes the fluid to be less lubricant and the seal materials to harden. Air can also contaminate your fluid if in bubble form. If oil has over a certain percentage of air in it, it will physically damage your piston rods. The air bubbles can become charged with high energy, causing your system to fail.


The most common symptom of contaminated fluid in your hydraulic cylinder is the presence of leakage. You will also see markings or scarring on the seal, cushion sleeve, and rod bearing. If the contamination was caused by air bubbles, the seal may appear to be nibbled, with small repeated scars over the surface of the seal. Depending on how long the problem is allowed to continue, holes could even be burned into the seal.


You must first assure that the fluid is being filtrated properly. The fluid should be circulating from the cylinder to the reservoir efficiently. If it is not, you can diagnose the problem by comparing the volume of oil held in the cylinder and that held in the hose leading away from the cylinder. If the hose contains more fluid, then the contamination will probably not be able to efficiently reach the filter. The contamination will remain in the hose and destroy part of your hydraulic cylinder.

First, you can try moving the location of the valve to be closer to the cylinder, so the hose will contain a smaller volume of liquid. On the other hand, you could also choose to install metal rod scrapers. While this will not destroy the parasite contaminating the fluid, it will slow down the process of contamination. Air by itself is not dangerous, only when it is in bubble form does it cause harm. Air is made into bubble form when the loads are over-run or there is rapid decompression. Avoid those to avoid air bubbles in your liquid.


4 August 2016

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