Five Things to Consider When Choosing Windows for Your Tiny Home


Wondering which type of windows you should add to your tiny house? The possibilities are endless, and there are several things you should keep in mind. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Single Versus Double Pane Windows

Single pane windows tend to be less expensive and more lightweight than double pane windows. If you plan to move your little home on a regular basis or are running on a tight budget, consider single pane windows. However, in all other cases, double pane windows are preferable.

They save you money on heating and cooling costs in the future, as they are more efficient. They also are more resistant to heat, making them ideal for parking in the bush or anywhere else prone to fires.

2. Low Emissivity Coating

A low e-coating encourages the sun to bounce off your windows. That prevents the sun from unnecessarily heating up your home, which makes your cooling efforts more effective.

3. Awning Style Windows

You can choose window that push up or to the side or windows that crank open. Windows that crank open and feature an awning style are a great option. These windows allow you to keep your windows open when it is raining, which is a great way to get cool air into your tiny home. Unfortunately, because of the relatively small eaves of tiny homes, leaving open windows that push up or to the side can result in water getting into your home, especially if the wind is blowing the rain to the side.

4. Roof Windows

With wall space at a premium in a tiny home, you may want to take advantage of the roof as well. You can add windows or skylights to the roof of your tiny home to increase daylighting. However, you also may want to spend extra so that these windows open. That can be especially helpful if there is a fire and you need to escape or if you want to ventilate the loft area of your little home.

5. Durable External Frames

With a tiny home, you want to focus on sustainability and long lasting products. So that your window frames stand the test of time, consider opting for frames that are wood on the inside and metal on the outside. The metal resists wear and erosion, and the wood provides a stylish accent in your home.  

Want to learn more about windows for tiny homes or double glazed windows? Contact a window salesperson for tips and ideas. 


2 August 2016

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