Consider Concrete Recycling When Engaging In Demolition and Construction


One of the more popular building materials in both urban and rural areas is concrete. This is due to its durability as well as its versatility in an assortment of applications. However, when demolition and construction occurs, there is a significant amount of concrete waste that is created.

Typically, this debris would be disposed of in landfills. Nevertheless, this is not the best way to eliminate concrete that has been previously used. A better option that you could consider when engaging in a demolition or construction project on your property would be to opt for concrete recycling. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider concrete recycling for your various projects. 

Concrete recycling decreases dependence on landfills

Landfills have been a conventional option when it comes to eliminating waste that will not degrade easily. Over the years though, the amount of concrete placed in these landfills has started taking up a considerable amount of space. This in turn has resulted in the creation of more landfills, which simply contribute to pollution of the earth. It should also be noted that eliminating your concrete waste in landfills could also increase your project costs in terms of loading the concrete, hauling the concrete to the landfill and dumping the waste materials. If you would like to minimize on these costs, then onsite concrete recycling would be an ideal alternative. This process involves the crushing of concrete right at your project and then resorting to use it for other applications rather than eliminating it. 

Another reason why you should consider decreasing your dependence on landfills are the strict regulations associated with dumping at these sites. Instead of spending time and money in getting permits approved, you should consider concrete recycling to enable you to dispose of the waste in a way that is reusable. 

Concrete recycling can be used in an array of applications

Another reason to consider concrete recycling is that it can be used in different construction applications. One of the more popular ways of using recycled concrete is as a sub-base in construction work. You also have the option of reusing the recycled concrete as an aggregate in new concrete, which can then be applied on driveways, walkways or parking lots. Recycled concrete can also be used to create recycled stone. This recycled stone can then be used as a site stabilizer on construction projects. Reusing the recycled concrete enables you to decrease the overall costs of your building materials. 


2 August 2016

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