Why Your Swimming Pool Pump Repairs Should Never Be Taken Lightly


Circulatory pumps are part and parcel of any swimming pool installation. They move the water in and out of the pool continuously, 24/7. But do you know why they do so? As you shall find out below, your swimming pool pump does more than meets the eye. Like the heart, it is the force that keeps things alive as far as your pool is concerned. And for that reason, your pool pump repairs should never be underestimated.

Prevents pest infestation

If the water in the swimming pool was stagnant, your favourite outdoor feature would turn from an inviting swimming pool to a pond. And with that, it would be invaded by pests. Insects, in particular, like to lay eggs on stagnant water. Without a proper functioning pump, therefore, your pool would turn into a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes. Needless to say, this would make your pool unfit for use.

Allows water to pass through the filter

The filter is another crucial part of any swimming pool. It removes dirt from the water, thus keeping your pool sparkling and healthy. However, the pool filter is fully dependent on the water pump. The pump has to pass water through the filter for the cleaning process to work. Without a proper functioning pump, therefore, the water would not get cleaned and would get dirty very quickly.

Facilitates pool heating

If your swimming pool has a heater, the pump once again remains as the main facilitator. The pool heater is located adjacent to the pool. For your pool water to be heated, it has to move from the pool to the heater and back into the pool. This is the responsibility of the pump. Without it, your water would be unable to circulate through the heater and would remain cold.

Allows water chlorination to occur

Last but not least, your pool pump also regulates the sanitization of the water. This is because water has to be passed through the chlorinator in order to kill any bacteria inside it. While the pool filter removes physical dirt, the chlorinator removes the unseen dirt that could make you sick or harm your skin. However, this too will only happen when the pool pump is functioning efficiently round the clock.

A lot of issues can affect your pool pump. This includes poor priming, vibration, leaking, slow operation or even no function at all. If this happens, talk to a certified pump repair specialist immediately so that your swimming pool is not compromised.


1 August 2016

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