Four Fun Ideas for Integrating Salvaged Pallets Into Your Tiny Home


If you are trying to incorporate salvaged materials into your tiny home, you should consider using wooden pallets. If you have lots of them, you can even build the whole house out of pallets -- just imagine framing the house in pallets and then adding siding, insulation and walls as desired. In lieu of that, however, consider integrating pallets in the following ways:

1. Countertops

A full-size pallet cut in half is the perfect size for a countertop. Mount it to the wall, and add a piece of plywood with a bit of vinyl attached to the top to make a waterproof surface for food prep. You can use the inside of the pallet as a shelf or to hold drawers.

If you like, don't cut the pallet in half. Instead, arrange it so that half of the pallet is inside the tiny home protruding from the wall and the other half is protruding from the external wall. Then, you have a kitchen countertop and an outside bench all rolled into one.

2. Vertical Outdoor Wall Garden

If you want to maximise space outside, consider attaching pallets to your external walls. Attach several boards so that they run perpendicular to the slats in your pallet. Then, you should have a series of small boxes running up the pallet. Fill these boxes with a bit of potting soil, and put in herbs or other small plants. Alternatively, fill them with flowers to add colour to the exterior of your tiny home.

3. "Drawbridge"

Tiny homes aren't just about being small and sustainable. They are also about incorporating quirky designs in interesting way. Forgo the traditional door, and make a "drawbridge" drawer out of some old pallets. This door should be hinged at the bottom.

When the door is closed, it has a little hook attached to the top that slots into a ring just above the door on the inside of your tiny house. That keeps it in place. When you remove the hook and open the door, it opens like a drawbridge and sits on the ground. If your tiny home is on a trailer, this is a great way to create a ramp up onto the trailer.

4. Deck

Finally, if you have building materials for the rest of your house, consider using pallets to make a deck around your tiny home. The pallets themselves when laid flat, create the semblance of a deck, and when stood upright, they make great deck railings.


1 August 2016

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