5 Reasons Why You Should Swap Your Industrial Metal Grates For FRP Grating


Grates are commonly used in industrial settings as flooring, decking covers, and elevated structural surfaces. Traditionally, steel has been the outright choice for this role due to its durability and strength. However, with the rise of fibreglass, FRP grating is soon becoming the better option. Below, find out why and learn the different perks (FRP) fibre reinforced plastic has to offer.

1.      Easy installation

Thanks to the fibre and plastic materials it's comprised of, FRP grates are very light compared to their steel counterparts. When it comes to installation, therefore, FRP grates are much easier to handle. The process takes less time and requires less labour or machinery, even when the installation is taking place on elevated platforms.

2.      Little or no maintenance needed

Steel grates are prone to various risks which FRP grates are not. For one, steel grates corrode due to exposure to moisture or certain chemicals. They can also easily dent or bend due to rough use. FRP grates are not as affected by such industrial risks. They do not corrode even under very harsh conditions. They also don't stain even after spills. Maintaining these grates is therefore much easier in regards to time, effort, and cost.

3.      Less noise on impact

In any industrial setting, it is normal to expect the constant sound of objects such as boots, tools, and containers hitting the grating surface. Being part plastic and part fibre, FRP grates absorb impact shocks very well so your working environment is not as noisy. This shock-absorbing quality also means that dents or similar forms of damage caused by such impacts are hard to come by.

4.      Higher durability

Because of their unique ability to resist hard impacts and not to corrode, FRP grates are perfectly structured for the industrial setting. They can last for many years without needing repairs or replacement. Not only that, FRP grates also have better structural strength even when compared to steel purely on a weight ratio. This means that when acquired in the right size, they can be used for any intended large scale application.

5.      Better aesthetics

One other category where FRP grates beat steel grates is in aesthetics. While steel grates come in dull metallic shades, FRP grates are produced in all the major colours. You therefore have more options if you want to lighten up your workplace. You can even use colour to distinguish different sections of your plant. The options are yours and they're in plenty.

You can order FRP grates in any colour and dimension you want. You can even request special grate surface customization such as flat, checkered, gritted, etc.


1 August 2016

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