Noise Control When Dealing with Multiple Control Transformer Installations


Power supply to a large commercial building can lead to a high, recurrent energy bill if you do not regulate supply properly. A common scenario is to supply high voltage to rooms and spaces that would ordinarily work with a low voltage supply. With control transformers, you can deal with the power wastage by regulating the power supplied to a building, space or room depending on the particular power load. To add on that, control transformers also help stabilise the voltage supply when there is an overload of incoming electric current. One notable challenge when using these control transformers is the noise they generate. It is not conducive for most work environments. Here are some of the things you can do to deal with the noise levels.

Multiple Transformers in One Place

When you have many control transformers in one place, the sound produced may resonate and raise the level of noise emanating from the place where they have been installed. In such a case, you can move the transformers further apart from each other. If space is limited, you can mount isolation springs or pads underneath the transformers' enclosure. The pads will absorb the sound energy from the transformers, regulating the noise level in the end.

Suspended Floor and Wall Sections

If your transformer is mounted on a suspended wall or floors, there is an elevated noise level because of the nature of the wall or floor. Such suspended floors (like the upper floors of a storey building) encourage movement and vibration, creating an echo, unlike with firmer ground floors. In such a case, you should reinforce the floors to limit vibrations or move the transformers to another location if possible.

Engineered Noise Controls

Engineered sound controls are another convenient alternative. Here the installation room is designed in a way that the noise generated by the transformers is contained within the room. You can go for machinery sound enclosures with sliding panels or view windows for both ventilation and access into the installation room. Alternatively, you can have the generator installed in a sound booth, which has the added advantage of allowing you to use the rest of the space for other activities.

Loose Transformer Components

The components of the transformer can also generate a lot of noise. As the machine hums away, it produces slight vibrations that make loose parts shake and jingle, adding to the noise levels. Ideally, you should have a maintenance schedule where a technician comes in to look out for loose bolts, enclosure screws and brackets, tightening them accordingly.


8 August 2016

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